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May 16, 2016 By Scott Corbin
David Croteau | Professor of New Testament and Greek Columbia International University Columbia, South Carolina I. INTRODUCTION Many pulpits have proclaimed that husbands are responsible for overseeing the spiritual maturity of their wives based upon Eph 5:26. However, reading this passage in context, examining the Greek words used, understanding the Old Testament background to the passage, and...
May 10, 2016 By Scott Corbin
At this year’s CBMW 2016 Pre-Conference, H. B. Charles Jr. shared on the “Spiritual Power of a Godly Man.” In examining Agur’s prayer in Proverbs 30:7-9, Charles’ message was simple: we ought to pray with humble submission for spiritual priorities. “This is a weak man praying for dependence upon God in every sphere of his...
October 26, 2015 By CBMW
Rosaria Butterfield joins Scott Corbin on Danvers Audio to discuss her new book, Openness Unhindered, as well as the importance of hospitality and the normal means of grace.
August 28, 2015 By CBMW
“It was at a church service in Munich that I saw him, the former S.S. man who had stood guard…He came up to me as the church was emptying, beaming and bowing. ‘How grateful I am for your message…To think that, as you say, He has washed my sins away!’ His hand was thrust out...
December 31, 2014 By Candice Watters
by Candice Watters We’re big planners. The end of a year in our home means reviewing the highs and lows, blessings and challenges of time recently passed. And the start of a new one means a fresh slate of ideas and aspirations. Steve and I both embrace the discipline of setting goals and living intentionally. We’ve...
December 5, 2014 By Candice Watters
by Candice Watters Q: I’ve been a believer in Christ most of my life, and I know that “Jesus is the reason for the season,” but every year I feel like that head knowledge has a hard time getting to my heart. I’m so distracted and busy in December. I love to buy gifts for...