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October 8, 2018 By CBMW
Alan Jacobs recently wrote a blog post lamenting the “Christian language policing” he has observed around the issue of “Gay Christianity,” which in part includes a discussion on whether it is prudent for Christians to identify themselves with LGBT terminology. Prompting his post was an article by Mary Eberstadt, which Jacobs quotes at length: “The...
September 25, 2018 By CBMW
Editor’s Note: This article now includes a postscript which was posted after we received news that Azusa Pacific University had reversed course on their new policy on LGBT relationships. The article title has also been changed to reflect this update. Eric Teetsel is an alumnus of Azusa Pacific University, where he earned his Master’s Degree in...
September 17, 2018 By CBMW
Sixteen years ago, Mary Eberstadt wrote an article for The Weekly Standard about the unfolding sex abuse scandal that was roiling Roman Catholicism then. The title of the article, “The Elephant in the Sacristy,” referred to the homosexual aspect of the sex abuse scandal that was being downplayed, ignored, and even covered up by some for...
September 10, 2018 By Denny Burk
Alister McGrath defines heresy with these words, “A heresy is a failed attempt at orthodoxy, whose fault lies not in its willingness to explore possibilities or press conceptual boundaries, but in its unwillingness to accept that it has in fact failed” (Heresy, p. 31). McGrath reveals what is an ironic truth about heresy. It is...
April 20, 2018 By CBMW
David French has a must-read article over at National Review about a troubling development coming out of the California General Assembly. In short—and this is not alarmist langue, it is actually what is being proposed—California is a few votes away from banning Christian orthodoxy from book stores, and possibly even from conferences and events. Here’s...