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December 13, 2022 By CBMW
Editor’s note: This essay was originally published by Barnabas Magazine: Republished with permission.   June 24, 2022, was a momentous day for which we should give thanks to God—wherever we live. The biblical conviction that every human life has dignity (because all are created in the image of God) lies at the foundation of...
September 24, 2021 By CBMW
Today is one of the darkest days in American politics. Weep for our country before it is too late. After revising its standing rules to exclude all gendered language earlier this year, the US House of Representatives rediscovered what a woman was just in time to pass the “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.” This...
February 25, 2021 By CBMW
“The ultimate moral test of any government is the way it treats three groups of its citizens. First, those in the dawn of life — our children. Second, those in the shadows of life — our needy, our sick, our handicapped. Third, those in the twilight of life — our elderly.” — Former Vice President...
January 24, 2020 By CBMW
Today in our nation’s capital, hundreds of thousands of people will mark the 47th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion by participating in the 47th annual March for Life. The pro-life movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, driven by increased pro-life sentiment nationwide. Two days ago, a new Marist...
November 9, 2015 By Greg Gibson
I had an abortion years ago. For the most part, I don’t even let my mind go there for fear of the terrible sadness that will follow. I know that others, like me, must be feeling the same pangs of grief. These images give us a glimpse of the brutality of what we participated in....