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Topics: Abortion, Transgenderism

Weep for the Children

February 25, 2021

“The ultimate moral test of any government is the way it treats three groups of its citizens. First, those in the dawn of life — our children. Second, those in the shadows of life — our needy, our sick, our handicapped. Third, those in the twilight of life — our elderly.”

— Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey Jr., 1976

By Hubert Humphrey’s standard, the United States is miserably failing the ultimate moral test in the way we are treating our children. Three exchanges from the Senate’s ongoing confirmation hearings of President Biden’s cabinet nominees illustrate just how miserably.

The progressive Left has turned the very lives of our kids into a political and ideological battleground to wage its ill-conceived war against God and nature.

The first exchange is between Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rachel Levine (born Richard Levine), who is the former Secretary of Health for Pennsylvania and Biden’s nominee as assistant director for Health and Human Services. He is the first transgender cabinet nominee in history, and thus his nomination functions as a kind of intersectional totem during the confirmation process.

During the hearing, Levine repeatedly refuses to answer a direct question from Senator Paul about whether minor children should be given puberty blockers or undergo genital mutilation surgeries like mastectomies or castration to conform their bodies to their perceived gender-identities. Paul knows the answer, because this is a position Levine has publicly supported in the past, but Levine refuses to go on record about it before the Senate under oath. Keep in mind that this deeply troubled individual is Biden’s first pick as assistant health secretary. Listen to the exchange below, and weep for the children.

The second exchange is between Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and Xavier Becerra, former Attorney General of California and Biden’s nominee to run Health and Human Services. During the questioning, Romney asks Becerra why he voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion, which Becerra avoided answering. For those unaware, a partial-birth abortion is when birth is induced and the baby is murdered on the way out of the birth canal in order to evade charges of infanticide. This procedure is most often used when other abortion methods are unavailable due to the baby’s maturity.

Behold, Biden’s first pick to run the Health and Human Services. Listen to the exchange, and weep for the children.

The third exchange is equally troubling. Also as California’s Attorney General, Becerra prosecuted David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome racketeering in aborted baby parts. Instead of prosecuting Planned Parenthood for clear crimes against humanity, including numerous egregious illegalities exposed by Daleiden such as infanticide, profiteering from baby parts on the black market, and altering abortion procedures in order to maximally profit in conjunction with the scheme, Becerra successfully prosecuted Daleiden.

Again, Becerra turned a blind eye to actual baby-killers and instead had the temerity to go after the one who pulled back the curtain on the evil. This is Biden’s first pick to run the Health and Human Services. How could we trust Becerra with “health” or “humans”?

Listen to Sasse’s pointed questions and Becerra’s non-answers, and weep for the children.

While many seem to be rejoicing in a return to “normal” after the transition from the Trump administration to the Biden administration, this is anything but normal. This is overt, high-handed sin against God and nature being promoted by our federal government against the most defenseless amongst us. We are failing the moral test, and failing miserably. Weep for the children.

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