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May 25, 2017 By Garrett Pearson
I could not calm him down. He thrashed and flailed and cried and ran out of his room as I pleaded with him. Then I yelled at him. The house was quiet and dark except for the cacophony of voices coming from my son’s room. I remember my blood boiling and my voice raising as...
April 11, 2017 By Garrett Pearson
Adam Kareus | Associate Pastor River Valley Community Church Fort Smith, Arkansas 4:30 in the morning in a parked truck outside of a fitness center, this was where I first encountered discipleship. My father worked out every morning before work at our local fitness center. And since he liked to be at work early, he...
June 18, 2016 By Scott Corbin
So many men spend so much time worrying about their place in the world. They want to matter. They seek to carve their names in the stone of the ground. They pay a terrible price for it. But a father, especially a good father, knows this: he matters to his family. That is enough for...
May 20, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Bruce Ware | T. Rupert and Lucille Coleman Professor of Christian Theology The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky When one considers biblical teaching on the Fatherhood of God, one finds two senses in which God is Father. First, as the one God, he is Father to his children, whether Israel or the Church. That is, as...
January 19, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Dr. Danny Akin joins Grant Castleberry on Danvers Audio to talk about the importance of complementarianism and global missions, how to raise Great Commission children, and how marriages teach children to understand the love of God. *********** Image: Stupa Stupor!! by Taro Taylor on 10/21/05, accessed on Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons  
December 18, 2015 By Greg Gibson
On December 3rd, the music world was shocked and saddened by yet another talented artist gone “too soon”: Scott Weiland, lead vocalist of seminal 90s grunge band, Stone Temple Pilots, was found dead on his bus while on tour with his latest band. Although authorities have yet to issue an official cause of death, it...