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March 24, 2022 By CBMW
According to the NCAA, Lia Thomas is a national champion. After touching the wall first at the conclusion of the 500-yard freestyle, Thomas’s win was heralded by ESPN, The New York Times, and CNN as historic. And it’s true. Thomas’ championship-clinching swim at last week’s NCAA women’s national championship meet capped off a record-breaking season...
March 23, 2022 By Denny Burk
I write this post to explain briefly why Christians are resisting the totalitarian speech codes of transgender propagandists. It’s not because we hate transgender people. On the contrary, we love them, and love always rejoices in the truth (1 Cor. 13:6). Which is another way of saying that love always rejoices in the good and...
September 24, 2021 By CBMW
Last month, the Biden Administration’s Department of Education teamed up with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services. What could bring such august departments of government together in cooperation — the full weight and authority of Education, Justice, Health, and Civil Rights? A back-to-school message...
February 25, 2021 By CBMW
“The ultimate moral test of any government is the way it treats three groups of its citizens. First, those in the dawn of life — our children. Second, those in the shadows of life — our needy, our sick, our handicapped. Third, those in the twilight of life — our elderly.” — Former Vice President...
November 25, 2020 By CBMW
One of the arguments made by transgender activists is the relative normalcy of being trans. Suppose only transgender persons could be granted the ability to live lives unbothered by the outside world. In that case, we’re told, the uniqueness of someone identifying with a gender different than their biological sex would become commonplace. Because gender...
October 21, 2020 By CBMW
A moment of Copernican proportions aired on prime-time TV last week in America, but your average viewer probably didn’t bat an eye. In fact, it was designed to be rather unremarkable, right at home with the intellectual furniture that already inhabits the modern mind. The moment came during an ABC News town hall when former...