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April 25, 2017 By Garrett Pearson
He wanted to watch wrestling; I wanted to watch the Food Network. Seven months prior to my short-lived relationship with the guy who won the battle over the remote, I was a lesbian. My long black hair neatly tied into a ponytail. My jeans sagging just enough to show off the boxer briefs I wore...
March 21, 2017 By Garrett Pearson
Thomas White | President Cedarville University Cedarville, Ohio “But I don’t feel like it, Dad,” said my 5-year-old son, Samuel, in a high-pitched whine.[1] Memories of my father’s response echoed in my head just before the words came out of my mouth. “It really doesn’t matter what you feel like, son. You have to take...
May 25, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Jason S. DeRouchie | Associate Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology Bethlehem College and Seminary Minneapolis, Minnesota 1. The Rising Storm A gender identity crisis is sweeping across our land. This study seeks to help the church assess biblically and confront lovingly yet truthfully the rising storm of transgender issues confronting our culture.[1] The American...
May 9, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Candi Finch | Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas As many in the world mourn the passing of musical icon and innovator David Bowie, the influence of his 1970s androgynous, Glam Rock alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, lives on in contemporary discussions about gender. Bowie, who died from cancer on...
March 10, 2016 By Greg Gibson
Building Codes as Opportunities for Activism TIME magazine recently observed, “Bathrooms often become battlegrounds in fights over civil rights.” San Francisco now requires single-occupancy washrooms be designated as gender-neutral, and a gender-neutral washroom on each floor of new buildings. Gender-neutral washrooms have been added to the city’s building inspection checklist. When, days ago, South Dakota’s...
January 28, 2016 By Greg Gibson
As a former basketball player, I grew up on the playground and in the basketball gym. I played high school and college basketball, and I spent my off-seasons playing AAU traveling basketball throughout the country. I was decent, and although I dreamed high for myself, I would never play in the NBA. I had teammates...