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January 4, 2016 By Greg Gibson
By Greg and Grace Gibson Parenting is war. There is, and we can’t say this with enough emphasis, nothing more war-like in the spiritual realm than parenting. If you are a parent, than you understand this fierce posture that you live with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. And as the years go by, we learn...
December 29, 2015 By Grant Castleberry
By Grant Castleberry By God’s grace CBMW has had another remarkable year. Dr. Owen Strachan, CBMW President, has continued to provide excellent leadership to the organization, and our board of directors has continued to provide wise,godly oversight. We are amazed and blessed to see how God continues to magnificently bless this organization. Upon reflection on...
December 28, 2015 By Grant Castleberry
I usually do not give much notice to commercials (fast forwarding whenever possible), but recently an advertisement for the perfume, Miss Dior, did exactly what the producer intended – it caught my full attention. In the film, Natalie Portman stars as a runaway bride. The wedding venue and dress exude absolute perfection. But the film...
December 23, 2015 By Scott Corbin
‘Tis the season for celebrating books! We at CBMW love books. Because we know you do, too, we’re celebrating a great year in publishing by releasing our first-ever CBMW Book Awards. Below are the titles that drew our applause in 2015. These are texts with a focus on the issues we cover–manhood, womanhood, the family,...
December 22, 2015 By Greg Gibson
By Owen Strachan A secular world has always wanted one thing—just one thing—from Christ and his people: to surrender. To lay down the gospel with which we wage war. To stop preaching the message of love in grace and truth. To cease to connect the dots between our humanity and our flourishing. All these I...
December 17, 2015 By Greg Gibson
Owen Strachan, president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, co-authored four resolutions adopted at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Atlanta, Georgia, November 17-19. The resolutions, which Strachan co-authored with Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of the Family Research Council, affirm the dignity and complementarity of men and women, the...