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April 29, 2024 By CBMW
Editor’s Note: The following series of articles appear in the Spring 2024 issue of Eikon. Part I: Denny Burk, “Do Egalitarians Need Safe Spaces?” Part II: Tom Schreiner, “Are Husbands and Wives Addressed in 1 Timothy 2:9–15?” Part III: Brad Green, “Should We Consider Mary the First Apostle?”
April 2, 2024 By CBMW
My first encounter with the Danvers Statement and CBMW was in the late 1990s. I was a young man in college, and I was at my church, a rather large Southern Baptist church, and I was talking to a staff member in his office, and I saw on his bookshelf a big, thick, blue book...
March 21, 2024 By CBMW
Editor’s Note: The Following essay will appear in the Spring 2024 issue of Eikon. A former colleague of mine recently pointed out on X that pornography use repulses godly women and is a huge impediment to marriageability. He was, of course, right about that. But he went on to blame this moral failure among men...
February 1, 2024 By Denny Burk
I have been writing and speaking about gender and sexuality for over decade and a half. Whenever I talk about transgenderism, one of the first practical questions I hear concerns the use of pronouns. Whenever I talk about homosexuality, one of the first questions is about attending “gay weddings.” The answer to both questions is...
January 25, 2024 By Matt Damico
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is pleased to announce that Christopher Yuan is joining the organization’s council. Yuan is an author, speaker, and professor who has focused much of his ministry articulating and defending the biblical view on issues of sexuality. His books include a memoir, Out of a Far Country: A Gay...