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April 26, 2022 By CBMW
I recently wrote something on Facebook to the effect that I would rather my boys (ages seven and five) listen to Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson’s lectures on The Lion King than many sermons and small group lessons I’ve heard addressed to men in church. Given that I am a Christian and Jordan Peterson is not,...
March 24, 2022 By CBMW
According to the NCAA, Lia Thomas is a national champion. After touching the wall first at the conclusion of the 500-yard freestyle, Thomas’s win was heralded by ESPN, The New York Times, and CNN as historic. And it’s true. Thomas’ championship-clinching swim at last week’s NCAA women’s national championship meet capped off a record-breaking season...
March 23, 2022 By Denny Burk
I write this post to explain briefly why Christians are resisting the totalitarian speech codes of transgender propagandists. It’s not because we hate transgender people. On the contrary, we love them, and love always rejoices in the truth (1 Cor. 13:6). Which is another way of saying that love always rejoices in the good and...
March 9, 2022 By CBMW
Less than ten years ago, in 2013, Aimee Byrd wrote an article for Reformation21 called, “What’s the Difference Between Women Preaching and Women Blogging?” On the whole, the article is a thoughtful response to a reader who asks, ““Do you believe it is okay for a woman to think and write about theology, given she...
February 10, 2022 By CBMW
A few years back, I drew attention to C. S. Lewis’s “complementarian” argument on the question of ordaining women to the priesthood in the Anglican church. I would encourage everyone to read Lewis’s original essay, which is linked here — especially in light of the recent upsurge and interest in historical angles on the complementarian-egalitarian...
February 7, 2022 By Denny Burk
As I have observed popular debates about complementarianism over the years, I have noticed how people often confuse what the doctrine is with other associations that have little or nothing to do with the teaching. In short, folks confuse the essence with the accidents. What do I mean by confusing essence with accidents? An essential...