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August 1, 2022 By Matt Damico
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is pleased to announce the addition of three new council members: Abigail Dodds, Sharon James, and Joe Rigney. Each of the three new members have made significant contributions to the articulation and defense of God’s good design in complementarianism. They are published authors and have been featured in...
July 13, 2022 By Denny Burk
The landmark work Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has a gem of a chapter tracing the history of women in various ministries throughout church history. For a short essay, it covers a lot of ground. The author is William Weinrich, and the title is “Women in the History of the Church: Learned and Holy, but...
July 11, 2022 By CBMW
Dr. Wayne Grudem, CBMW co-founder and board member, recently sat down for and interview in Cambridge, England with the Principal of Tyndale House, Dr. Peter Williams. They discussed how to have a lifelong faithful ministry, engaging in theological polemics, and more. You can watch the interview below: Conversations with Tyndale House Scholars in America |...
June 20, 2022 By CBMW
In June 2022 Chine McDonald, Director of Theos (a British Christian organization affiliated with The British and Foreign Bible Society) explained her decision to stop using male pronouns for God. Looking back over church history, she was troubled by the way in which “the perceived whiteness of God and Jesus symbolized society’s pervasive white supremacy”....
June 6, 2022 By CBMW
The appalling effort to sexualize kids by progressive LGBT activists accelerated this past week when the world learned of a “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event being held at Mr. Misster, a gay nightclub in Dallas. The event was billed as “family friendly,” and it was obviously targeted to kids and their parents. But as...
June 1, 2022 By CBMW
Jonathan Leeman has a really helpful article dealing with the proper use of pastoral and husbandly authority. This is really insightful stuff, and I commend it to you. There’s a Satanic version of authority and a godly version of authority. There’s authority as intended in creation and exercised in redemption, and authority as exercised in...