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Introducing Eikon 6.1 (Spring 2024)

June 18, 2024

We are grateful to release the Spring 2024 issue of Eikon (6.1), which seeks to address a number of current conversations spanning a wide denominational breadth. In this issue, various authors respond to a recent Christianity Today magazine discussing the topic of women in ministry, examine feminism as an ideological and philosophical movement, and lend their voices to assess the state of complementarianism within their denomination. You will also notice a number of book reviews to get you caught up on the world of biblical anthropology and more.

As the world around us gives way to the erosion of God’s design for men and women, we stand steadfast on God’s revelation. “Anchored by the Word,” says Editor-in-Chief Colin J. Smothers, “we will trim our sails to the Spirit of God and not the spirit of this world, all to the glory of God our Father, all along the way using ‘exclusively masculine’ language for God. Some things never change.”

If you would like a print copy of Eikon, you can subscribe to receive each Spring and Fall issue. Digital copies (pdf) of the print edition are also available for free. Links to each essay in blog format are provided below in the Table of Contents.


4 | Editorial: Some Things Never Change | Colin J. Smothers
7 | Salters’ Hall Redux: Southern Baptists and the Law Amendment (The Ancient Paths) | Jonathan E. Swan
A Response to Christianity Today
16 | Do Egalitarians Need Safe Spaces? | Denny Burk
20 | Are Husbands and Wives Addressed in 1 Timothy 2:9–15? | Thomas Schreiner
24 | Should We Consider Mary the First Apostle? | Bradley G. Green
More Articles
28 | A Biblical Vision of the Sexes: Harmonious Asymmetry | Doug Ponder
41 | Feminism as a Critical Social Theory: Implications for Christians | Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer
52 | Feminism’s Patriarchs: An Ideological Response to the Failures of Men | Emma Waters
64 | Feminine Emotionalism and the Evangelical Conscience | G. Shane Morris
On the State of Complementarianism: A Forum
74 | Heath Lambert (SBC)
76 | Bart Barber (SBC)
78 | Todd Pruitt (PCA)
81 | Andrew Ballitch (CMA)
84 | Felix Orji (ACNA)
88 | Greg Strand (ECFA)
More Articles
95 | Advocates, Not Merely Adherents: Lay-of-the-Land Observations and Challenges for Complementarians | Jason K. Allen
109 | Side by Side: Complementarity in Ministry with Anne Dutton and George Whitefield | Matthew Haste


110 | The Genesis of Gender | Scott Corbin
124 | Five Lies of our Anti-Christian Age | Allie Beth Stuckey
128 | It’s Good to Be a Man | Matt Damico
132 | After the Revolution | Samuel D. James
136 | Biblical and Religious Psychology | Michael Carlino
142 | The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy has Destroyed Us | Mark Saucy
145 | Keep the Old Roads: A Review of Brad Wilcox’s Get Married | G. Shane Morris


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