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September 9, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Rondi Lauterbach   It’s that time of year—commitment time. When someone asks you to be team mom, or teach third grade Sunday School another year, what is your knee jerk response? Are you overwhelmed? Or do you jump at the opportunity? I remember having this conversation with a friend over ten years ago. As...
August 28, 2014 By Grant Castleberry
  By Grant Castleberry Summer is often a time of change. It is a natural time to end an old job and start a new one. Some summers bring more change than others. This summer for CBMW was a summer of huge change! Not only did Owen’s and my positions change at the beginning of...
August 13, 2014 By Grant Castleberry
By Grant Castleberry We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring and exhibiting at the ERLC National Conference, which is right around the corner on October 27-29, 2014. We are thrilled about the work of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and are especially excited about the theme of this year’s conference, “The Gospel,...
August 11, 2014 By Grant Castleberry
By Grant Castleberry This summer we launched a giving campaign called Stand Against the Tide. The campaign was started when a donor offered to give $25,000 if other ministry partners would match the gift. So we sought the Lord for clarity about what the campaign should be centered on. We thought that the theme: Stand Against the Tide...
July 31, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
By Courtney Reissig It’s the last day of July and like many of you it’s hard to believe August is literally a day away, meaning for a lot of our writers and readers, summer fun, vacation, and long days are about to turn into homework, activities, and the first day of school. To get ready...
July 29, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
By Courtney Reissig Editor’s Note: We have all experienced unmet desires or feelings of deep longing at some point in our lives. We have wanted things and wondered if those wants really could be reconciled with our faith in Christ. Jen Pollock Michel understands what it means to want. She also has struggled to connect...