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January 29, 2015 By Mathew Sims
  By Mathew B. Sims In life, we spend a great percentage of our waking ours working. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we often find ourselves either feeling two ways concerning our work—idolatry or idleness. This series seeks to encourage us in our work.
October 15, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Nick Abraham As Christians, we can so easily compartmentalize our lives and divide things into categories like church, work, and family. Instead of our faith in Christ being sovereign over and seeping into those categories, we attempt to delegate them to their own category. This often results in our faith absent in our work...
September 29, 2014 By Grant Castleberry
By Grant Castleberry Within the past thirty years, the idea of leadership has been pushed to the forefront of our thinking like it never has before. Andrew Wilson recently noted the enormity of the leadership phenomenon. Long story short, leadership is everywhere right now, and it is selling big. The Christian world is no different...
September 19, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Nick Abraham Yesterday I was at work for 14 hours. That is not a common occurrence in my job thankfully, but it made for a really long day. Among the realities of a day like that are that I didn’t get to see my daughter at all yesterday since I left the house while...
March 17, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
By Courtney Reissig Few things cause more debate and confusion than women and work. Can a woman work? Can a woman be successful in her work? What does that look like? What about moms? The questions are endless. And sometimes the emotions surrounding the questions are endless, too. Thankfully, Carolyn McCulley and Nora Shank have...
February 11, 2014 By CBMW Guest
by Hershael York In 1980, the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church ventured far out on a very flimsy limb and called a 20-year old junior from Michigan State to be their Minister of Music and Youth. On my first day at the church, Tanya and I went on a date together for the first time. Thirteen...