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April 14, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
  By Courtney Reissig   The other day I was watching one of my favorite television shows, The West Wing. While the show chronicles the inner workings of a Presidential Administration, what struck me most in this particular episode had absolutely nothing to do with politics. The main character, President Josiah Bartlett, suffers from multiple...
June 19, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Candice Watters   To an engaged woman, the wedding is the biggest, most expectation-laden event of her life. It holds the promise of unrivaled delights, as well as more peril than she’s ever feared. OK, maybe I’m overstating it a bit. Maybe. A wedding can seem that all-consuming, all-important to someone anticipating it. But...
June 7, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Candice Watters  (Editor’s Note: If you have questions that you would like answered, please send them to [email protected]) QUESTION Newly engaged, my fiancé and I are thinking about what a Christian wedding looks like. How can we plan a wedding which glorifies God and not the couple? ANSWER Congratulations on your engagement—it’s a joy...
June 5, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Melissa Affolter In today’s Christian market, women find a plethora of resources aimed at helping them become better wives and mothers, as well as friends and teachers. In recent decades, we have seen a surge of materials directed more specifically at single women; and in general, we have been well served by this expanding...
May 31, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Jenny Manley I wear high heels to weddings, not merely because the occasion calls for it, but because I’m not tall, and I hate not being able to see  what is going on.  When everyone stands in the bride’s honor and she triumphantly enters the ceremony in her gorgeous white dress and flawless appearance, it’s...
May 28, 2013 By Courtney Reissig
  by Courtney Reissig Preparing for marriage is not for the faint of heart. From the endless discussions about dresses, decorations, and seating arrangements to the weeks of pre-marital counseling and honeymoon planning, it’s enough to make any bride-to-be exhausted before she even says “I do.” But there is something else that deserves attention in...
CBMW Gender & Sexuality Curriculum Male and Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage, by Denny Burk, Colin Smothers, & David Closson

This new curriculum is aimed at Christians who are facing challenging questions with the rise of LGBT ideology on topics like homosexuality, transgenderism, gender dysphoria, intersex conditions, preferred pronouns, and more. The study is broken down into eight chapters that guide readers through the Bible’s teaching on gender, sexuality, and marriage. Male & Female He Created Them gives Christians with a biblical foundation that starts in Genesis 1 and 2 with God’s good design in making mankind male and female in His image.

Male & Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage can be purchased online at Christian Book, Christian Focus, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.