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April 7, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Jeremiah G. Dys, Esq. Today, the Supreme Court of the United States “denied cert” on an appeal by lawyers for Elane Photography, the New Mexico photographer who was sued several years ago for refusing – on grounds of her faith – to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony.  In layman’s terms, “denied cert” is lawyer...
March 25, 2014 By CBMW Guest
“What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue?  It is the greatest of all possible evils.” – Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke By Michael Berry: Today is Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  The United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on behalf of two private, for-profit corporations, Hobby Lobby Stores, and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation. ...
June 24, 2013 By CBMW Guest
Executive Director’s Note: This is a momentous week for the future of marriage in America. At CBMW, we have a major stake in this cultural matter. We’re pleased to feature the writing of a leading young evangelical voice on the subject of marriage, Andrew Walker of the Heritage Foundation. We hope that this piece can...