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November 21, 2013 By Trillia Newbell
By Trillia Newbell We are pressing pause on our series during the holidays. We know we will all be busy with family and friends, and therefore will pick up with more articles in January. The emails we have received are an indication to us that this topic deserves great attention and prayer. We have been...
November 7, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Aileen Challies (Editor’s Note: Over the next few Thursday’s we will feature articles related to sexual intimacy. Today is the first post of our series. Please note that there will be a variety of perspectives shared within this series.) A couple of years ago I read a book by Sharon Jaynes called Becoming the...
November 6, 2013 By Trillia Newbell
By Trillia Newbell It can be easy to think that sex is something we thought up.  It’s all over our televisions, in our magazines and books. We are in a sex saturated culture. And it doesn’t surprise me because sex wasn’t our idea, it was God’s.  In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve...