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October 14, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Keri Folmar My family and I took a drive up the coast of California this summer.  One of the most amazing things we saw was the Redwood Forests, home to the biggest trees in the world. A redwood tree is quite a sight.  The first giant we saw was a famous tree whose girth...
September 30, 2013 By CBMW Guest
  By Keri Folmar Galatians 6:6-18 Galatians is a book full of doctrine. In it we learn of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, “who gave himself for our sins” (1:4).  But embracing the gospel means a transformed life.  In chapter five, Paul transitions from doctrine to instructions on how to live in light of...
June 10, 2013 By CBMW Guest
  By Keri Folmar There is no other gospel.  This is the message of Galatians. Jesus, the precious and infinite Son of God, “gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age” (v. 4).  God the Father poured out his wrath on Jesus instead of on rebels who deserve his punishment. ...