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April 24, 2014 By CBMW Guest
Many scholars and authors have posited that the true sin of Sodom was not homosexuality but violence, arrogance, oppression, and inhospitality. Certainly the men of Sodom were guilty of these sins and the Bible indicates that this was so. But does the Bible nowhere indicate that homosexuality was one of the sins of the men...
April 23, 2014 By Owen Strachan
The following is an excerpt from a free ebook from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Edited by Dr. Albert Mohler, with contributions from Dr. Jim Hamilton and Denny Burk (editor of the CBMW Journal), CBMW’s own Owen Strachan has contributed God and the Gay Christian?  A Response to Matthew Vines.  As Matthew Vines attempts to squeeze the square peg of...