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May 23, 2013 By CBMW Guest
Our funnies generally fall on Wednesdays, but this was too cute not to share. Enjoy this sweet video of a dad and his quadruplets!  
May 1, 2013 By Trillia Newbell
(Editor’s Note: Shona Murray has been running a series about her pregnancy and experience on her site, Not So Common Sense Blog. Today’s post is the first of her five posts we thought would be a fun additional Mid-Week Funny.  Next Tuesday we will feature an interview with Shona as part of our Titus 2...
April 17, 2013 By Trillia Newbell
My friend, Lillian Prince, allowed me to share this picture so that we all might get a laugh. Her daughter wrote this note after discovering no money under her pillow.  Best part is who the note is addressed to…