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July 2, 2007 By CBMW
The following was published in Themelios, 26:3, Summer 2001. Are there essential differences between the sexes? Elaine Storkey is regarded by many as the leading British evangelical spokesperson on gender issues. Her latest book directly addresses the vital question ‘created or constructed? This review article summarises each chapter, and then offers a critique. Storkey, Elaine,...
September 1, 1998 By CBMW
March 1, 1998 By CBMW
December 1, 1997 By CBMW
  When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity, by Karen Jo Torjesen. New York: Harper San Francisco, 1993. 271 pp.
December 1, 1996 By CBMW
  Excerpted With Permission From "A Foreign World: Ephesus In The First Century," By S. M. Baugh, In Women In The Church: A Fresh Analysis Of 1 Timothy 2:9-15, Edited By A. J. Köstenberger, T. R. Schreiner, And H. S. Baldwin (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995), 47-48
September 1, 1996 By CBMW
Wendy Cotter, "Women's Authority Roles in Paul's Churches: Countercultural or Conventional?" Novum Testamentum 36 (1994): 350-72