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April 28, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Alicia Rollins [I approach speaking of war imagery with sobriety, knowing that many people live in such a reality every day. As God may turn even the most horrible sins upside down for his good purposes, I pray any association a person may have with war is used for encouragement and perseverance in Christ.]...
October 1, 2013 By CBMW Guest
  By Alicia Rollins Have you ever given much thought to what it means to be a good friend? Sure, friends and relationships are familiar realities to us. But have you ever given some intentional thought to this question? Ever strategized for say 30 minutes, on how you could be a better friend to a...
CBMW Gender & Sexuality Curriculum Male and Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage, by Denny Burk, Colin Smothers, & David Closson

This new curriculum is aimed at Christians who are facing challenging questions with the rise of LGBT ideology on topics like homosexuality, transgenderism, gender dysphoria, intersex conditions, preferred pronouns, and more. The study is broken down into eight chapters that guide readers through the Bible’s teaching on gender, sexuality, and marriage. Male & Female He Created Them gives Christians with a biblical foundation that starts in Genesis 1 and 2 with God’s good design in making mankind male and female in His image.

Male & Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage can be purchased online at Christian Book, Christian Focus, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.