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March 13, 2017 By Garrett Pearson
EDITORIAL Like a Steersman in a Storm | Jason G. Duesing ESSAYS & PERSPECTIVES Feeling the Transgender Experience | Thomas White Ten Things You Should Know About 1 Timothy 2:11-15 and the Relationship Between Men and Women in the Local Church | Sam Storms Sons in the Faith | Adam Kareus STUDIES Holy Women, Holy...
April 5, 2016 By Greg Gibson
EDITORIAL Hope Lives Till We Have Faces | Jason G. Duesing ESSAYS & PERSPECTIVES Charles Ryrie (1925-2016) and The Role of Women in the Church | Dorothy Kelley Patterson Don’t Play Travel Ball: Stay in the Rec League | Jim Hamilton David Bowie, Glam Rock, and Gender Rebellion | Candi Finch Gender Specific Blessings: Bolstering a Biblical Theology of Gender...
November 16, 2015 By Mathew Sims
We’re excited to announce the release of JBMW Fall 2015. You can download the entire journal as a PDF or each individual article. Subscribe here to receive your print copy of JBMW. Also, listen to what our editor Dr. Jason Duesing had to say in the editorial for this edition (see below). Table of Contents Editorial Jason G. Duesing,...
April 20, 2015 By Mathew Sims
**Subscribe here to receive your print copy of JBMW. Table of Contents Editorial Jason G. Duesing, “Light and Fellowship in the Darkness,” pp. 1-3 PDF | Web Essays & Perspectives R. Albert Mohler, “Biblical Theology and the Sexual Crisis,” pp. 4-7 PDF | Web Evan Lenow, “The Not-So-Unified Narrative of the LGBT Movement,” pp. 8-13...
May 26, 2014 By CBMW Guest
Table of Contents [list style=”list-img3″]Editorial, pp. 2-3.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Owen Strachan, “Should the Church Speak of ‘Gay Christians’?” pp. 4-7.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]David Schrock, “True Sexual Morality: An Interview with Daniel Heimbach,” pp. 8-13.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Andrew Walker, “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore: Discerning the Conflict Over Human Sexuality and Religious Liberty,” pp. 14-21.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Trent Hunter, “Did God Actually Say? Hearing...
January 2, 2014 By CBMW Guest
Table of Contents [list style=”list-img3″]Editorial, pp. 2-3.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Steve McCoy, “The Wedding Vows 20 Years Later, pp. 4-8.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Rob Lister, “Husbands, Love Your Wives by Being the “Bad Guy,” pp. 9-11.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Louis Markos, “Why Homeschooled Girls are Feminism’s Worst Nightmare,” pp. 12-15.[/list] [list style=”list-img3″]Heath Lambert, “Should a Woman Marry a Man Who Has...