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September 28, 2017 By Denny Burk
In my book What Is the Meaning of Sex?, I made the case for a hybrid deontological/teleological approach to sexual ethics. I wish the case that I made there were half as good as the address that I just listened to by Dr. Joe Rigney (see above). In a recent chapel address at Bethlehem College,...
August 31, 2017 By Denny Burk
Great battles in theology faced by the church over the centuries have been caused by the introduction of unbiblical categories about the nature of people and the nature of God, and the imprecise language that emerges from this.  Are we justified by faith or are we justified by faith alone?  Does the Bible contain the...
August 30, 2017 By Denny Burk
Albert Mohler devoted an entire episode of his “Briefing” podcast to discussing The Nashville Statement. We are very grateful to have Dr. Mohler as an original signatory and as one who helped to shape the drafting of the document. On his podcast, Mohler writes why The Nashville Statement is so important: What makes this document...
August 29, 2017 By Denny Burk
As The Nashville Statement began to trend today on Twitter, we began to see a lot of support gathering for the statement. We also began to see a great deal of criticism and more than a few questions. All of this was to be expected. This will be an ongoing conversation going forward, and we...
June 30, 2017 By Denny Burk
I am pleased to announce that the board of CBMW has voted to appoint Colin Smothers to be Executive Director of CBMW. Smothers succeeds Grant Castleberry, who announced his resignation yesterday. CBMW’s board chairman Erik Thoennes writes, “Grant Castleberry has done an outstanding job as executive director, and I’m confident we will continue to be...
June 29, 2017 By Denny Burk
When the board asked me to serve as president of CBMW a year ago, there were a number of reasons why I agreed to serve. It wasn’t merely that I believed strongly in the mission of CBMW. Nor was it merely that I had a vision for what I wanted to do as president. One...