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Introducing Eikon 5.1 (Spring 2023)

June 22, 2023

We are pleased to open our fifth year of Eikon today with the release of our Spring 2023 issue. As the Editorial explains, this issue of Eikon is dedicated exclusively to providing a response to the third edition of Discovering Biblical Equality: Biblical, Theological, Cultural, and Practical Perspectives (2021), edited by Ronald W. Pierce, Cynthia Long Westfall, and Christa L. McKirland.

We provide a response to this third and thoroughly revised version of Discovering Biblical Equality with review articles from numerous contributors, including Stephen Wellum, Peter Gurry, Sharon James, Jonathan Leeman, and many more.

Print copies of Eikon can be purchased through subscription. A digital copy of the print edition is also available for download. Links to each essay in blog format are provided below in the Table of Contents.


4 | Editorial | Colin Smothers and Denny Burk
6 | The Ancient Paths, A Return to Counter-Cultural Sexuality | Jonathan E. Swan
12 | Reinterpreting Church History: A Response to Mimi Haddad, “History Matters” | Anne Kennedy
18 | Understanding the Image of God: A Response to Mary Conway, “Gender in Creation and Fall” | Peter J. Gentry
26 | Misunderstood Mutuality: Responding to Ronald W. Pierce and Elizabeth A. Kay, “Mutuality in Marriage and Singleness” | Denny Burk
32 | Yet Another Attempt to Justify What God Forbids: A Response to Cynthia Lang Westphal, “Male and Female, One in Christ” | Andrew David Naselli
40 | A Textual, Lexical, and Ethical Challenge to the “Principle of Reciprocity”: A Response to Lynn H. Cohick, “Loving and Submitting to One Another in Marriage” | Peter Gurry
46 | Rejecting Gender Essential to Embrace Transgenderism?: A Response to Christa McKirland, “Image of God and Divine Presence” | Colin J. Smothers
54 | Returning to God’s Design: A Response to Stanley E. Porter, “Gender Equality and the Analogy of Slavery” | Buist Fanning
60 | Does Complementarianism Depend on ERAS?: A Response to Kevin Giles, “The Trinity Argument for Women’s Subordination” | Stephen J. Wellum
69 | On the Improper Use of Proper Speech: A Response to Ronald W. Pierce and Erin M. Heim, “Biblical Images of God as Mother and Spiritual Formation” | Kyle D. Claunch
78 | Testing Egalitarian Translation Theory in Matthew’s Gospel: A Response to Jeffrey Miller, “A Defense of Gender-Accurate Bible Translation” | Ray Van Neste
86 | The Unstable Logic of Egalitarianism: A Response to Ronald W. Pierce, “Biblical Equality and Same-Sex Marriage” | Jonathan E. Swan
98 | Fully Pro-life or Partly Pro-life?: A Response to Heidi R. Unruh and Ronald J. Sider, “Gender Equality and the Sanctity of Life” | J. Alan Branch
106 | Does Complementarianism Lead to Abuse?: A Response to Mimi Haddad, “Helping the Church Understand Biblical Equality” and Kylie Maddox Pidgeon, “Complementarianism and Domestic Abuse” | Jonathan Leeman
126 | Neglecting the Whole Story: A Response to Mimi Haddad, “Human Flourishing” | Sharon James


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