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Introducing Fall 2021 Eikon

November 22, 2021

Today is the release of the Fall 2021 issue of Eikon: A Journal for Biblical Anthropology. This is now our sixth issue under the new masthead. This issue and past issues can be accessed at no cost at our website, where you can also download free PDFs, read individual essays and reviews, and subscribe to receive a print copy in your mailbox.

Below is the Table of Contents for the Fall 2021 issue of Eikon. Tolle lege!


4 | “The Counsel of History” | Michael A.G. Haykin
7 | “The Spiritual Care of Sisters in the Transgender Age” | Megan Basham
16 | “A Lutheran View of Transgenderism” | Rev. Hans Fiene
27 | “Body, Soul, and Gender Identity: Thinking Theologically About Human Constitution” | Robert S. Smith
38 | “Uncertain Voices: Revoice ’21 Reviewed” | Bethel McGrew
46 | “Sociology as Theology: The Deconstruction of Power in (Post)Evangelical Scholarship” | Neil Shenvi
52 | “The Counterfeit, Antibiblical Epistemologies of Postmodernism and Critical Theory” | Mark Coppenger
84 | “Does Mathematics = Western Imperialism?” | Nancy Pearcey
88 | “If Christ Is Not Savior, He Cannot Be Liberator: A Response to Ibram Kendi” | Michael Carlino


97 | Men and Women in the Church: A Short, Biblical, Practical Introduction | Reviewed by Matt Damico
100 | Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women: Fresh Perspectives on Disputed Texts | Reviewed by Joshua M. Greever
107 | Liberty for All: Defending Everyone’s Religious Freedom in a Pluralistic Age | Reviewed by J. Alan Branch
111 | The Ministry of Women in the New Testament: Reclaiming the Biblical Vision for Church Leadership | Reviewed by John Kitchen
116 | Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters | Reviewed by Janie B. Cheaney
120 | Marriage, Scripture, and the Church: Theological Discernment on the Question of Same-Sex Union | Reviewed by Josh Blount
125 | The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision | Reviewed by Miles Smith

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