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No Surrender Giving Campaign

December 22, 2015

By Owen Strachan

A secular world has always wanted one thing—just one thing—from Christ and his people: to surrender. To lay down the gospel with which we wage war. To stop preaching the message of love in grace and truth. To cease to connect the dots between our humanity and our flourishing.

All these I will give you, Satan once said, if you will fall down and worship me. So said the serpent to the second Adam in Matthew 4:9. Just fall down. Worship me. In one word, Satan was telling Jesus: surrender. Give up. Quit. Shut up. Be quiet.


And Jesus looked the devil, his old adversary, flush in the face. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t whimper. Jesus looked right into the devious eyes of Satan and roared at him: Be gone.

I want you to know that 2000 years later the world’s demands have not changed. Our secular, anti-Bible, anti-design culture is looking us in the face. It is telling to surrender our convictions on manhood, womanhood, marriage, homosexuality, transgender, and more. The list of views we hold that put us in the cultural penalty box is only growing. There is no end in sight.

I want you to know something else: CBMW is not going anywhere. By the grace of God, we will never surrender. We will never stop preaching the truth in love. We will never stop equipping the church to know and experience the wisdom of God for men and women, children and adults, families and churches. We can’t stop. We know that the Scripture is not only true—it is good. It brings only goodness where it is cherished and obeyed. The gospel is a spring rain of hope, and it takes beleaguered people, families, and churches and enables them to thrive amidst a world gone gray.

So, as we look ahead, know this: CBMW will never surrender. We will not flinch. We are standing at the plow with you. Your faithful, generous giving has allowed us to raise up a banner for Christ in the contested territory of gender and sexuality. Please hear me clearly: this banner is never coming down. This territory will not be given up. There is no quit in CBMW.

No surrender. That we cannot do. But here is what we are planning on: offering witness. Equipping many more churches. Doing tons of podcasts. Speaking all over the world. Watching people seize the goodness of God’s teaching on manhood and womanhood.

If God has put it on your heart to give, please see our No Surrender campaign booklet below. Thank you for partnering with us to make all this possible. We’re not going anywhere, and we know you’re not, either.

No surrender,


Owen Strachan

President, CBMW


CBMW 2015 Annual Report


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