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16.1 – Spring 2011

May 12, 2013

Table of Contents

[list style=”list-img3″]Editorial, pp. 2-3.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Odds & Ends, pp. 4-6.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Stephen J. Nichols, “Women in Black Too: The Untold Story of Women and the Reformation,” pp. 7-13.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]R. Albert Mohler, “Hard to Believe? Biblical Authority and Evangelical Feminism,” pp. 14-16.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Denny Burk, “The Translation of Gender Terminology in the NIV 2011,” pp. 17-33.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Joshua Harris, “A Word to Husbands (And a Few More for Wives): 1 Peter 3:1-7,” pp. 34-39.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Rebecca Jones, “Liberation as Gender Confusion: A Review of Kristina LaCelle-Peterson, Liberating Tradition,” pp. 40-47.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Rob Lister, “The Big Picture of Marriage: A Review of John Piper, This Momentary Marriage,” pp. 48-50.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Benjamin L. Merkle, “Historically Engaging but Not Theologically Neutral: A Review of Lynn H. Cohick, Women in the World of the Earliest Christians,” pp. 51-53.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Courtney Reissig, “Hoping for More Girls to Go Wise: A Review of Mary Kassian, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild,” pp. 54-55.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Benjamin Reaoch, “Needed: Men: A Review of Richard D. Phillips, The Masculine Mandate,” pp. 56-58.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Robert E. Sagers, “Subduing or Subdued? ‘Manly Dominion’ in (Biblical) Perspective: A Review of Mark Chanski, Manly Dominion,” pp. 59-60.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Christopher W. Cowan, “Considering the Egalitarian Stumbling Block: A Review of Recent NT Commentaries,” pp. 61-63.[/list]


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