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10.1 – Spring 2005

May 12, 2013

Table of Contents

[list style=”list-img3″]Peter R. Schemm, Jr., Editorial, pp. 4-6.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Bruce A. Ware, “‘Introduction’ by Rebecca Merrill Groothuis and Ronald W. Pierce,” pp. 7-11.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]J. Ligon Duncan, III, “‘Equality with and without Innocence: Genesis 1-3’ (Ch 4) by Richard S Hess,” pp. 12-17.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Thomas R. Schreiner, “‘Praying and Prophesying in the Assemblies: I Corinthians 11:2-16’ (Ch 8) by Gordon D. Fee, pp. 17-22.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]David P. Nelson, “‘Learning in the Assemblies: I Corinthians 14:34-35’ (Ch 9) by Craig S. Keener,” pp. 22-28.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Robert Saucy, “‘Male and Female in the New Creation: Galatians 3:26-29’ (Ch 10) by Gordon D. Free,” pp. 29-37.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]George W. Knight, III, “‘Mutual Love and Submission in Marriage: Colossians 3:18-19 and Ephesians 5:21-33’ (Ch 11) by I. Howard Marshall,” pp. 38-42.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Andreas J. Köstenberger, “‘Teaching and Usurping Authority: I Timothy 2:11-15’ (Ch 12) by Linda L. Belleville,” pp. 43-54.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Paige Patterson, “‘The Nature of Authority in the New Testament’ (Ch 15) by Walter L. Liefeld,” pp. 55-59.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Justin Taylor, “‘Biblical Priesthood and Women in Ministry’ (Ch 16) by Stanley J. Grenz,” pp. 60-62.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]H. Wayne House, “‘God, Gender and Biblical Metaphor’ (Ch 17) by Judy L. Brown,” pp. 63-71.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Dorothy Patterson, “‘Equal in Being, Unequal in Role: Exploring the Logic of Woman’s Subordination’ (Ch 18) by Rebecca Merrill Groothius,” pp. 72-80. [/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Peter R. Schemm, Jr. “‘The Subordination of Christ and the Subordination of Women’ (Ch 19) by Kevin Giles,” pp. 81-87.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Andrea J. Köstenberger, “‘Biblical Hermeneutics: Basic Principles and Questions of Gender’ (Ch 20) by Roger Nicole and ‘Hermeneutics and the Gender Debate’ (Ch 21) by Gordon D. Fee,” pp. 88-95.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Wayne Grudem, “”A Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic: The Slavery Analogy’ (Ch 22) and ‘Gender Equality and Homosexuality’ (Ch 23) by William J. Webb,” pp. 96-120.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Rebecca Jones, “‘In Search of Holy Joy: Women and Self-Esteem’ (Ch 25) by Joan Burgess Winfrey,” pp. 121-125.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Rob Lister, “Annotated Bibliography for Gender Related Articles in 2004,” pp. 126-133.[/list]


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