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Christianity does not “squash” women, new book asserts

July 26, 2005

In “Does Christianity Squash Women? A Christian Looks at Womanhood,” Rebecca Jones argues that the Christian faith does not place women in a position of inferiority, but actually empowers them to fulfill their God-ordained roles to the glory of God.

Does the Christian faith crush women?

In her new book Does Christianity Squash Women? A Christian Looks at Womanhood (Broadman & Holman, 2005) speaker and author Rebecca Jones argues that the Christian faith does not, as contemporary feminism asserts, place women in a position of inferiority, but actually empowers them to fulfill their God-ordained roles to the glory of God. Jones is a frequent speaker for women’s groups and serves on the board of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).

“Only Christianity offers true satisfaction to women,” Jones writes. “As in all areas, it (Christianity) gives us ‘more than we could ask or think.’ Only a Christian woman can begin to understand who she needs to be.

“The Christian faith satisfies a woman’s needs . . . It offers her a loving, faithful Father, sound and satisfying friendships with men and with other women. It gives her the wisdom and power necessary to control her body, to enjoy her sexuality, and to bear and rear children. It gives her a place to call home and allows her to have an influence not only in her family and community but on the future of the world.”

The author begins her book by analyzing the confusion contemporary women experience because of the mixed message sent by feminism over the past three or so decades. As one major example, feminism’s insistence that “a woman’s body belongs to her alone” has caused significant chaos in their self-understanding.

“Not only have women foregone the luxury of staying at home; they have taken on the entire responsibility of protecting themselves,” she writes. “Feminism’s assumption that a woman’s body belongs to her alone has left her vulnerable physically.

“Men are happy to agree that the woman’s body and whatever life has begun to grow within it are the sole responsibility of the woman. ‘If you’re in charge of your body, they you deal with the baby!’”

Jones unpacks the image of God in women from Scripture and examines in-depth how the Bible views women. She shows the great respect and honor that our Lord Himself shows women. Christ’s loving treatment of women is emblematic of the high regard for which the Bible and the Christian faith hold for women, who, like men, are created in the image of God.

“Jesus’ treatment of women is not only a perfect example of loving and respectful attitudes toward women; it is a subtle programmatic statement of who women are,” she writes.

Finally, Jones concludes that Christianity by no means squashes women. To the contrary, it is the authentic Christian faith which the Scriptures articulate that defines womanhood.

“All the desires of a woman’s heart are met in service of Christ: good relationships with men and with other women; a true home; children, both physical and spiritual; and eternal significance,” she writes.

“Feminism’s challenge has caused Christians to think through the women’s issue and to understand the richness and beauty of God’s clear and unchanging design for women, from the first days of creation to the first years of our twenty-first century. Christian women not only find personal satisfaction in this design, but they have the honor of showing the gospel to the world in their daily lives.”

The book is available through CBMW’s web store here

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