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Introducing Eikon 5.2 (Fall 2023)

November 21, 2023

CBMW is thrilled to announce its tenth installment of Eikon with the release of the Fall 2023 issue. This edition of Eikon focuses on masculinity and features articles from James M. Hamilton Jr., Richard D. Phillips, Kevin DeYoung, Alexander Strauch, and Kyle Claunch.

Colin Smothers captures well the heart of this issue in his Editorial: “we believe fatherhood and masculinity are not only good, they are true and beautiful, which is why you will not find us apologizing for them in this issue. Instead, we promote fatherhood and masculinity, because when we promote these we promote human flourishing in their complements: motherhood and femininity.” We pray this issue encourages you to promote and uphold the goodness of fatherhood, masculinity, and their complements.

If you would like a print copy of Eikon, you can subscribe to receive each Spring and Fall issue. Digital copies (pdf) of the print edition are also available for $5. Links to each essay in blog format are provided below in the Table of Contents.


4 | Editorial: The Toxic War on Fatherhood | Colin Smothers
6 | The Ancient Paths, John Gill’s Four P’s of Masculinity | Jonathan E. Swan
9 | Karl Marx Has Won the Culture But He Will Not Win the War | James M. Hamilton, Jr.
16 | A Masculine Mandate for Today | Richard D. Phillips
21 | Act Like Men | Kevin DeYoung
24 | A Biblical Eldership Is a Male Only Eldership | Alexander Strauch
30 | Esteeming Fatherhood | Calvin Robinson
34 | Male Headship or Servant Leadership? Yes. | Michael Carlino
46 | Theological Language and the Fatherhood of God: an Exegetical and Dogmatic Account | Kyle Claunch
78 | From the Pastor’s Desk. Godly Home Leaders | JO Oesterling


86 | Half the Battle: A Review of Nancy Pearcey’s The Toxic War on Masculinity | Steven Wedgeworth
94 | Should We Call God Mother? A Review of Amy Peeler’s Women and the Gender of God | Denny Burk
102 | No Apologies: Why Civilization Depends on the Strength of Men | Greg Morse
106 | God’s Good Design: A Biblical, Theological, and Practical Guide to Human Sexuality | Samuel Parkison
110 | The Great Sex Rescue: The Lies You’ve Been Taught and How To Recover What God Intended | Jeremiah Greever


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