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Announcing The Bookstore by CBMW

August 24, 2020

Since our organization began in 1987 with the drafting of The Danvers Statement on Biblical Complementarianism, the mission of CBMW has been “to set forth the teachings of the Bible about the complementary differences between men and women, created equally in the image of God, because these teachings are essential for obedience to Scripture and for the health of the family and the church.”

The fulfillment of our ministry has taken various forms through the years since our founding. Whether it was through publications such as JBMW or currently Eikon, blog articles, our monthly newsletter, or events, videos, and much more, we are grateful to have furthered our mission by assisting churches and other ministries in setting forth God’s teachings on these crucial issues of our time.

In addition to these and other efforts, one way we have sought to further our mission is by responding to requests for book recommendations. Many of these requests requests have been broad in scope, others more specific. In answering both the broad and specific book recommendation requests, there are resources we have recommended time and time again. And we are thrilled to keep adding new literature to our recommendation list.

To better equip churches and ministries with faithful book selections, we have decided to publish a list of recommendations that meets both the broad and specific requests we have received through the years. To that end, we are thrilled and thankful to announce the launch of The Bookstore.

The Bookstore is a place to browse our recommended resources, which are organized topically according to the Danvers and Nashville Statements. Each recommended resource will include a brief description and a link to purchase. You will also be able to purchase individual print issues of Eikon, or download the free digital version. Even more, when you purchase a book on Amazon through the bookstore link provided, your purchase will contribute to the CBMW smile campaign. We thank you in advance for your support!

We pray that The Bookstore will further the mission of CBMW by helping you get the best resources in your hands to equip you to teach the beautiful truths of God’s Word faithfully in and out of season.

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