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Symposium: Standing Together for the Truth of the Gospel (Christopher Yuan)

August 29, 2018
By Christopher Yuan

We live in a world of infinite shades of gray. The profusion of sexual alternatives seem to have no end and ambiguity is practically a virtue. While consent has become the only standard of morality for the unchurched, biblical ethics have been scorned by mainline denominations and now the line between holiness and sin has been blurred among evangelicals — and even the young reformed.

For example, some who claim a high view of Scripture assert that same-sex unions are in reality blessed by God. Others claim that “being gay” is an essential category of personhood and to disagree is equivalent to spiritual abuse. Some even purport that biblical sexuality is a not a gospel matter, so we simply need to “agree to disagree” and stop being such strict disciplinarians. Others believe the psychological experience of gender somehow trumps the biological reality of sex. They believe that embracing a queer or transgender identity is actually empowering.

False teaching abounded in the first century. In the face of such confusion, the Apostles provided clear and stern remarks. Paul’s comments to Timothy and Titus were straightforward and urgent (1 Tim. 1:3–7, 19–20; 4:1–2). Peter did not mince words when he provided a blunt and unambiguous warning (2 Pet. 2:1–3). Some during that time could have said that Paul and Peter were tone deaf, insensitive, and not pastoral. But in reality, there is nothing more pastoral than bringing gospel clarity when there is such confusion.

This is precisely why I joined many Christian leaders in signing the Nashville Statement.

To those who claim that God blesses same-sex unions, together we point to something more satisfying. To those who claim that sexual orientation is a legitimate category of personhood, together we point to something more beautiful. To those who claim that there is uncertainty in God’s perfect Word regarding biblical sexuality so we must agree to disagree, together we point to something even better. To those who claim that male and female are subjective and not objective, together we point to the glorious truth of God’s Word.

I joined the many others who signed the Nashville Statement out of love — love for the church and love for the gospel (1 Tim. 1:5). We must boldly and graciously stand together and point toward the glorious yet costly gospel-truth on sexuality.

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