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Topic: The Nashville Statement

Joe Rigney: Sola Scriptura, the Natural Law, and Sexual Ethics

September 28, 2017

In my book What Is the Meaning of Sex?, I made the case for a hybrid deontological/teleological approach to sexual ethics. I wish the case that I made there were half as good as the address that I just listened to by Dr. Joe Rigney (see above).

In a recent chapel address at Bethlehem College, Dr. Rigney explains how the natural law and sola scriptura are not at odds but are necessary complements. This address is so clarifying and helpful and has direct application to sexual ethics. In fact, the relation he’s arguing for is why the Nashville Statement itself mentions God’s “design” no less than nine times.

This address is really well done, and I commend it to you. Thank you, Dr. Rigney!

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