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Topic: The Nashville Statement

William Lane Craig: Nashville Statement “was fair; it was irenic; it was clear”

September 25, 2017

Renown analytic philosopher and Christian apologist William Lane Craig recently released a podcast on why he signed the Nashville Statement, which is excerpted below:

“I feel uncomfortable signing these sorts of statements because it can lead to great misunderstanding and puts you on the line with respect to certain issues. But I signed this Nashville Statement…because as I read through it, I found myself in agreement with it, and in particular I think that the issues that it addressed are of burning importance in our culture and tremendously significant theologically. So I did affix my signature to this statement….

“I thought the statement was fair; it was irenic; it was clear and well-thought through. For that reason I felt I could sign this statement.”

You can listen to the full podcast at or on iTunes.

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