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Family Policy Council Signatories

September 12, 2017

As the Nashville Statement signature list continues to grow—at the time of this post there are over 16,000 signatures—the coalition is broadening to include many Christian leaders and organizations.

One of the main purposes of the Nashville Statement is to provide churches and organizations with a concise statement on what the Bible teaches about human sexuality in the face of the LGBT revolution. The LGBT revolution did not spring up in a vacuum, and its upstream tributaries, such as the sexual revolution broadly conceived and changing attitudes toward divorce, have been undermining marriage and the family for decades now. And for almost as long, the Family Research Council and its state-level organizations have been working to shore up marriages and families in the face of these cultural pressures.

That is why we were honored to have Eric Teetsel, President & Executive Director of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, at our meeting in Nashville and as an initial signatory to the Nashville Statement. And since the statement’s release, we have received thirty-three signatories from family policy council presidents and directors from across the United States, listed below.

The institutions of marriage and family are predicated on a right understanding of God’s design for male and female. And a society without a proper understanding of marriage and family is not a society for long. We are grateful for these who are standing with us.

Family Policy Council Signatories:

Aaron Baer | President, Citizens for Community Values
Allen Whitt | President, Family Policy Council of West Virginia
Andrew Beckwith | President, Massachusetts Family Institute
Bob Vander Plaats | President & CEO, The Family Leader
Carroll Conley | Executive Director, Christian Civic League of Maine
Cathi Herrod | President, Center for Arizona Policy
Cole Muzio | President & Executive Director, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia
Curt Smith | President, Indiana Family Institute
David Fowler | President, Family Action Council of Tennessee
Debbie Chaves | Executive Director, Colorado Family Action
Ed Randazzo | Director of Political Operations, Family Heritage Alliance Action
Eric Teetsel | President & Executive Director, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas
Eva Andrade | President, Hawaii Family Forum
Gene Mills | President, Louisiana Family Forum
Jason Maguire | Executive Director, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation
Jim Minnery | President, Alaska Family Action
John Helmberger | Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota Family Council
John Rustin | President, North Carolina Family Policy Council
John Stemberger | President & General Counsel, Florida Family Policy Council
Jonathan Keller | President, California Family Council
Jonathan Saenz | President, Texas Values
Joseph Backholm | President, Family Policy Institute of Washington
Julaine Appling | President, Wisconsin Family Council
Julie Lynde | Policy Director, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho
Karen Bowling | Executive Director, Nebraska Family Alliance
Kent Ostrander | Executive Director, The Family Foundation (KY)
Len Deo | Founder & President, New Jersey Family Policy Council
Mark Jorritsma | President & Executive Director, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota
Michael Geer | President, Pennsylvania Family Institute
Oran Smith | President & CEO, Palmetto Family
Peter Wolfgang | Executive Director, Family Institute of Connecticut
Shannon McGinley | Executive Director, Cornerstone Action
Victoria Cobb | President, The Family Foundation of Virginia
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