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Topic: Genesis 1–3

The Doxological Power of Christian Witness

May 17, 2016
By Albert Mohler

At this year’s conference, Dr. Albert Mohler walked through the first two chapters of Genesis and what that means for men and women, created in the image of God. Dr. Mohler pressed the point that God’s glory, while being our proper worship, is also our most powerful apologetic.

“The display of God’s glory is not only our proper worship, it is also our most powerful witness and apologetic. . . The most powerful form of our witness, and the most powerful form of our apologetic, is when we display the glory of God in such a way that the world has to see it, has to bear witness to it, and eventually has to trace it back to God himself. . . . God’s glory is more powerful than our arguments.”

This also has implications for a biblical-theological understanding of creation. Our view of the world should be “doxological”—oriented toward the glory of God—and insofar as it is, we will rejoice in his creational design.

“If we take a doxological view of the world, and if we understand that all that God has given to us in creation is good because he made it good. If we understand that as image bearers uniquely assigned the task of dominion—as we see in Genesis 1:28—and if we come to understand from the beginning that he created us as male and female, and intended for that to be displayed in the glory of marriage—the glory of the home, of the family—as he created it for his glory. If we understand that what brings God greatest glory will bring his human creatures greatest joy and greatest flourishing, how dare we be anything but bold about that? And if God declared, having looked at all his creation that it was very good, then how good is it? It’s perfect.”

Watch the whole thing above.


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