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Marriage Lived to the Glory of God

May 12, 2016
By John Piper

“If your marriage is going to make God look glorious, you must be more satisfied in God than in marriage.”

John Piper, speaking on the glory of God in marriage at the 2016 CBMW T4G Pre-Conference, reminded husbands and wives that if their marriages are to flourish, their marriages must be a subordinate end to the greater end of God’s glory.

“Husbands and wives need to see the glory of God for what it is: more true, more real, more beautiful, more valuable than anything—including each other. If your marriage is going to make God look glorious, then you must be happier in knowing God than you are happier in being married. God must bring more satisfaction to your heart than she does, or he does, or sex does, or children do.”

Piper spoke about how often, when we speak of the glory of God in marriage, we go to Ephesians 5 and examine the complementarity between the husband and wife. Less often, however, do we focus on the satisfaction in God that sustains a marriage for a lifetime.

“There’s a root, there’s a source, a spring, for the kind of daily, hourly, yearly, decades-long dying that will be required to love this women, or this man, such that God gets glory. Where does that come from? That’s the key question.”

Watch the whole video above.

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