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CBMW Women’s Conference [SUMMARIES]

April 12, 2016

GraceAnna Castleberry | Count it Pure Joy: A Generation Returning to Motherhood

There is much joy in embracing motherhood. 

  1. Embracing motherhood brings gain to our children.
  2. Embracing motherhood brings gain to our soul.
  3. Embracing motherhood bring gain to my husband.


Mary Mohler | Workers at Home: The Temptation to be “Mom Plus”

In today’s culture, like never before, we have the temptation to outsource our daily motherhood so we can work outside of the home.

Women are to teach what is good (Titus 2). This is not some trivial endeavor we have; this is us (as women) to embrace our God-given role.

When we reflect Christ’s role in his love for His Church, the Word of God is not reviled.

The children you have need a particular skill set that you have. Don’t use those skills for the “good of society,” but use them for the good of your children.


Kristie Anyabwile | Fitted for Flourishing: How the Bible Creates a Happy Home

Psalm 128

The only way to have a truly fruitful home is have the Lord as its builder.

What does a happy home look like? It is one that reflects the design of its builder–the Lord. It also looks like fruitfulness. A reality to love and serve one another, rather than to be served.

How do we receive this divine blessing from the Lord? He is our a fuel. All that you need as a wife and mom—He is. He has promised to give us everything we need for a life in godliness for this present age.

What does your home need for you to be happy? Your home needs nothing but Him.


Mary Kassian | Teachers of Life: Titus 2 and Theological Discipleship

God has entrusted us with a secret language. It is the language of womanhood. It is the art of what it means to live out God’s design as a woman. We have a part that only we as women as uniquely able to tell.

The responsibility to teach younger women should come as soon as we realize that there are younger women who need schooling.

It is your responsibility to teach your children that God is the center of the universe. Whether you are married or single, your responsibility is the same. Women don’t have babies for fruitfulness alone, but we have children to make disciples.

Women, dress with strength. Do not be passive. Make your arms strong. Learn theology. Learn from the older. Teach the younger. And work hard alongside of our brothers for the glory of Christ’s name.


Courtney Reissig | Bound for Life: Following Your Husband Through Life’s Challenges

Mark 14 — How should we follow our husband’s spiritual authority? We must first look to Jesus as the one to which we must submit.

Jesus cried out to the authority of God. Cry out to your husband, who is the spiritual authority in your life.

We are relational beings, made to live in community together. Talk with your husband, bosses, pastors, etc.

Jesus submitted to authority of the Father and Holy Spirit.





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