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April 11, 2016

Our T4G Pre-Conference has begun. Over the next 2-days, we will here 27 speakers define one single vision on the beauty of complementarian theology as it applies to different avenues within the church and culture. Follow along here for day one updates and speaker summaries.


Grant Castleberry | Complementarity and the Honor of God

What does it mean to honor God in our complementarian theology? From 1 Samuel 17:

  1. David shows us how to honor God by seeing God above all earthly realities.
  2. David honors God because he has a bold confidence that God will honor his own name.

3 Complementarian Implications:

  • To see the battle is to step out and honor God
  • We should strive to see God in biblical complementarian ways (Gen. 1-2, Trinitarian doctrine, Eph. 5)
  • God is moving to make honor His name above all else.


Jason Allen | Complementarity and the Disappearance of Men

The church must recover biblical manhood–Christian masculinity, or sanctified testosterone.

5 Proposals to Recovery the Reappearance of Men:

  1. We must hold high the truths of biblical complementarity with confidence.
  2. We must be committed to preaching the text of Scripture, and preaching it with authority.
  3. We must cultivate male leadership in form and function.
  4. Lets us build an intentional intergeneration of men.
  5. Let us equip and empower men into male leadership in our churches.


Thomas White | Complementarity and the Call to Purity

5 Thoughts on Purity

  1. We must guard on all external and internal threats to sexual purity.
  2. Purity exists for the glory of God
  3. Purity finds it satisfaction in God alone.
  4. Purity is a heart issue between you and God.
  5. Purity and a biblical worldview must be taught to children.


Gavin Peacock | Complementarity and the Beauty of Submission

4 Truths about Submission in Scripture:

  1. The beauty of submission is seen in the God-head. Submission is an passed eternal reality. Submission is a future eternal reality. Submission is found in the character of God.
  2. The beauty of submission is seen in creation. It is a creation order issue.
  3. The beauty of submission is seen in the gospel.
  4. The beauty of submission is seen in relation to the Christ and the church.


Michael Kruger | Complementarity and its Impact in the Greco-Roman World

Why was Christianity attractive to women in the second century?

  1. In early Christianity, women were going against the cultural trends and were drawn to it in massive numbers. It proved to be a friendly and comfortably place for women.
  2. In early Christianity, women were championed in all major cultural and social issues that were helpful to women (fantasied, abortion, etc).


Miguel Nunez | The Spiritual Power of Unashamed Preaching

As we read in the book of Acts, preachers of the gospel are Spirit-empowered. They are passionate about the King, centered on the cross, and always call for repentance.

We must not be wimps in our preaching. We must preach as if God is alive, and sits on His thrown. When we do this, he will honor this preaching.

3 Things Preachers Must be Aware of:

  1. The content of God’ Word.
  2. The character of the preacher, as he comes across, when he is exposing the Word of God.
  3. The emotion of the preaching must be genuine, as it comes from meeting with the Word of God.


Sam Allberry | The Formative Power of the Image of God

Our maleness and femaleness is eternal. On the last day, our maleness and femaleness will be perfect in our resurrected bodies. Our sexual desires are temporal.

To say that you are your sexuality makes you misunderstand how you were made in God’s image.


Danny Akin | The Evangelistic Power of the Christian Family

The Christian life is more caught than taught. Your children will follow in your footsteps. You are their hero.

What do we do with our children to embed in them a Great Commission DNA?

  1. Model and teach the gospel in your parenting.
  2. Children should learn about the love of God in their parents loves for one another.
  3. Read missionary biographies to your children.
  4. Expose your children to missionaries by having them in your own.
  5. Model missional living as I priority for your children.
  6. Give sacrificially with your children.


H.B. Charles Jr | The Spiritual Power of a Godly Man

The spiritual power of a godly man is only acknowledged when we understand our full weakness and dependence upon him.


Owen Strachan | The Goodness and Truthfulness of Complementarity

There is goodness and wisdom in traditional marriage.

There is more crisis happening with the upcoming generation over sexuality than ever before. Profound heartbreak. Incredible amounts of medication. And we claim to be an “egalitarian” society.

The apex of humanity is manhood and womanhood, nothing else. We were designed for joy, and our joy is found in the image of God in Christ.

Our body is a gift from God.

We must be a movement for the next 500 years about human flourishing—what it means to be a man and a woman.

Christian singles have an opportunity to show the world that the image of God in us is our greatest pursuit—not sex or identity in something else.

Complementarity postures us to be committed to the Scriptures in our view of women leading and teaching in the church.


Al Mohler | The Doxological Power of Christian Witness

God created the world in his image and everything is created to be doxological. Everything is intended to give God glory.

That which brings God the greatest glory is the same thing that brings us the greatest joy—or greatest flourishing.

The human creature is given an assigned dominion and kingship over all of our creation. This dominion-taking is a reminder of the command to be fruitful and multiply. And humanity can’t be fruitful and multiply to go and have dominion over the earth unless they are male and female.


J. Ligon Duncan | Complementarity as Covenant Promise

To celebrate the beauty of complementarity in your church, you must:

  1. You must teach and preach on this subject.
  2. Emphasize to your men (but with all people) that headship is a responsibility for service, not a tool for self-interest.


Kevin DeYoung | Redemption Through Motherhood

We must first realize that all of our children belong to God. Our sons and daughters are created by God and belong to him.

If you want to do something big in the world, that is world changing, care for children.

Up to Exodus 1, The great story of God’s great redemption in the OT was forwarded by women caring for children.


John Piper | Marriage Lived to the Glory of God

In Christ, you must produce a faith where you are proactively serving and loving your family.

You have a blood-bought, totally undeserved future. If you can believe that every moment of conflict, every moment of disappointment, and every moment of doubt, you will be a loving person.

If our marriages are going to show God gloriously all satisfying, we must find more satisfaction in him than marriage.

Marriage will be shaped by the glory of God and sweetened by the glory of God when the glory of God is more satisfying to our souls.

When you preach that “God is our satisfaction,” that will never let people down no matter how culture goes.


John MacArthur | Children in the Shade

Marriage is the blessing of life.

Children are also an incredible blessing. They are not an intrusion, and they are not a demonstration of your genetic prowess.

Parenting is a blessing. Children make a father’s heart glad.

Parenting should be measured by the effort of parents, and not by the outcome of the children.

Salvation is not our business, but the greatest danger our children face is the wrath of God. The greatest promise we can give our children is the gospel of Christ.


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