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News: Talk titles released for upcoming CBMW conference

February 8, 2016


The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood will host a national conference on the theme, “The Beauty of Complementarity,” in Louisville, Kentucky, April 11-12. There will also be a women’s conference on the morning of April 12.  

You can find more information about the 2016 conference here, and registration here.

The conference will serve as a pre-conference for Together for the Gospel, which takes place April 12-14 in Louisville.

The CBMW conference will feature short talks from a litany of complementarian leaders, including John Piper, Kevin DeYoung, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Owen Strachan, Trillia Newbell, Alistair Begg, and others. The aim of the conference is to encourage attendees with the goodness and beauty of God’s design for human sexuality, and to equip them to contend for that beauty in their lives and ministries.

On Tuesday morning, April 12,, there will be a women’s conference, with talks from GraceAnna Castleberry, Mary Mohler, Kristie Anyabwile, Mary Kassian, Courtney Reissig, and a discussion panel, where Candi Finch, Jackie-Hill Perry, and Amanda Peacock will join Kassian and Castleberry.

The titles for the different talks are below.


Monday, April 11

General Session

Grant Castleberry | Complementarity and the Honor of God

Jason Allen | Complementarity and the Disappearance of Men

Thomas White | Complementarity and the Call to Purity

Gavin Peacock | Complementarity and the Beauty of Submission

Jackie Hill-Perry | Testimony: My Journey out of Lesbianism to Complementarianism

Michael Kruger | Complementarity and its Impact on the Greco-Roman World

Trillia Newbell | Testimony: My Journey out of Feminism

Miguel Nuñez | The Spiritual Power of Unashamed Preaching

Sam Allberry | The Formative Power of the Image of God

Courtney Reissig | Testimony: My Journey into Complementarity

Danny Akin | The Evangelistic Power of a Christian Family

H.B. Charles Jr. | The Spiritual Power of a Godly Man

Albert Mohler Jr. | The Doxological Power of Christian Witness

Owen Strachan | The Goodness and Truthfulness of Complementarity

Ligon Duncan | Complementarity as Covenant Promise

Kevin DeYoung | Complementarity as Covenant Keeping

John Piper | Marriage Lived to the Glory of God


Tuesday, April 12

Women’s Conference

GraceAnna Castleberry | Count It Pure Joy: A Generation Returning to Motherhood

Mary Mohler | Workers at Home: The Temptation to Be “Mom Plus”

Kristie Anyabwile | Fitted for Flourishing: How the Bible Creates a Happy Home

Mary Kassian | Teachers of Life: Titus 2 and Theological Discipleship

Courtney Reissig | Bound for Life: Following Your Husband Through Life’s Challenges

Discussion Panel


General Session

Heath Lambert | The Gospel for the Struggling: Overcoming Sinful Desire

Matt Carter | The Gospel for Men: Restoring Biblical Manhood

Alistair Begg | The Gospel for Women: Restoring Biblical Womanhood

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