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CBMW Year End Update

December 29, 2015

By Grant Castleberry

By God’s grace CBMW has had another remarkable year. Dr. Owen Strachan, CBMW President, has continued to provide excellent leadership to the organization, and our board of directors has continued to provide wise,godly oversight. We are amazed and blessed to see how God continues to magnificently bless this organization. Upon reflection on 2015, I thought I should list some of the high points for this past year. Not for our glory, but for God’s.

The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

God has been incredibly gracious to CBMW this year. We have seen our new journal editor, Dr. Jason Duesing, make incredible strides with the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Not only as he put the journal back into print, but he has also sought and gained submissions from numerous, respected evangelical scholars. Their important work equips scholars, pastors, and teachers with the scholarship necessary to defend the biblical view of gender, sexuality, and the family in the public sphere. Because of Dr. Duesing’s work, along with many other faithful scholars, CBMW continues to be the only organization in the world providing a base of scholarly resources for equipping the church.

CBMW podcast: Danvers Audio

Speaking of the public sphere, we also launched the CBMW podcast this year called Danvers Audio, named for Danvers, Massachusetts, where complementarian leaders drafted CBMW’s doctrinal statement in 1987, the Danvers Statement. We have honestly been surprised by the success of the podcast. Most days it is downloaded over 1,000 times. The podcast features interviews with leading complementarian scholars, pastors, and teachers on subjects ranging from marriage and parenting to engaging a culture that prizes transgenderism and harmful sexual ethics. We have had heard from numerous people how the podcast equipped them to stand lovingly and courageously for Christ in their cultural contexts.

New CBMW website and blog

This year, we also revamped the CBMW blog and completely overhauled the CBMW website. We consolidated all of the old blog channels into one big CBMW blog under the leadership of lead editor, Greg Gibson. The move has given us an ability to be more intentional and quick-hitting. As a result, I think we have been able to encourage Christians and engage the culture with more purpose and intentionality. Certainly our aim is to faithfully speak the truth in love and we aim to continue that trajectory in 2016.

Speaking and Events

Our staff also spoke at numerous churches and events both in America and around the world. One of the major highlights of this summer was hosting panels for pastors at both the meetings of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We hosted breakfast panels at each meeting, which were each attended by over 100 pastors, who heard biblical truth on important issues regarding gender, marriage, and the family.

Another highlight was going to the Dominican Republic with CBMW President, Owen Strachan, CBMW International Director, Gavin Peacock, and Tim Challies to do a men’s conference at Pastor Miguel Núñez’s International Baptist Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The conference was titled “Se Hombre” (Be a man!) and was attended by over 2,000 men hungry to learn about biblical manhood. We gave talks on bravery, leadership in the home, purity, and leaving a godly legacy for generations to come. We have heard from numerous men, some of whose testimonies we are including, about the work God did in their lives through the conference.

Thank You

This year we had over 300 new donors to CBMW. To you and the ministry partners that have been so faithful over the years, we give our warmest, heartfelt thanks. God has leveraged your giving to allow CBMW not just to exist, but to thrive. Thank you for all you have done already!

If you would like to help CBMW finish the year on budget, and even surpass last year’s mark, would you consider joining us as we wage war against the forces of darkness in this culture? If so you can give online here.

2015 was an incredible year. We have our eyes fixed ahead on our Savior and our following him wherever he leads us in 2016. Thanks again for your prayers and support of CBMW.

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