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Topics: Building a Marriage Culture, Homosexuality, Marriage, Public Square

Building a Marriage Culture Series

July 20, 2015

In a world where same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, how should men and women continue to stand firm on marriage?  We stand firm, by pursuing our God-given spouse, endlessly loving our children in a biblical way, and by rebuilding a marriage culture–Nehemiah style–that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and is in turn used for our great good.

At CBMW, we will stand firm on marriage no matter the cost.  Will you stand with us?

Here are the articles in this series:

Husbands, Love Your Wives | By Gavin Peacock

Fathers, Love Your Children | By Grant Castleberry

Pastors, Teach Your People | By Owen Strachan

Husbands, Honor Your Wives | By Greg Gibson

Wives, Serve Your Husbands | By Courtney Reissig

Women, Esteem Godly Men | By Amanda Peacock

Mothers, Love Your Children | By GraceAnna Castleberry

Women, Own Your Identity | By Candi Fench


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