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News: Gavin Peacock joins CBMW

February 18, 2015



By Matt Damico

February 18, 2015

We are excited to introduce Gavin Peacock as our new Director of International Outreach at the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood.


Gavin Peacock, a Canadian pastor and former soccer star, is teaming up with the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as Director of International Outreach. The move is part of CBMW’s vision to reach a broader audience with the Bible’s teaching on marriage, manhood, and womanhood.

“Gavin Peacock’s joining the CBMW team is tremendously exciting to us,” said Owen Strachan, president of CBMW. “This marks a major part of our work to expand the reach of CBMW and advocate for the family, for gender roles, and biblical sexual ethics in a time of fierce opposition to the truth.”

“Gavin enjoyed many years as an international soccer star and a renowned BBC broadcaster,” Strachan said. Peacock’s past, as decorated with accolades as it was, pales in comparison to his present, says Strachan. “The crucial aspect of his life is this: out of love for the Lord, he is an excellent husband to Amanda and father of two children, he ministers the Word faithfully and powerfully as a pastor, and he has studied insight on biblical manhood and womanhood.”

Having left his athletic and broadcasting career behind, Peacock and his family moved from England to Canada in 2008 to allow Gavin to attend Ambrose Seminary in Calgary. He completed his degree in 2011 and joined the staff of Calvary Grace Church soon after. His ministry stretches beyond his local church, as he has written popular articles for Christian Today, and his Twitter account – which Peacock uses to articulate explicitly Christian and complementarian teaching – has garnered attention from the press in the United Kingdom.

“Gavin is a bold, Christ-like evangelical leader,” said Grant Castleberry, executive director of CBMW. “He has a voice that transcends borders. Our hope and prayer is that Gavin will help us extend the Bible’s teaching about marriage, manhood, and womanhood into many new regions across the globe.”

Calvary Grace Church, where Peacock pastors alongside Clint Humfrey, is home to the CBMW Canada chapter, the organization’s first international chapter.

“As he spearheads this exciting program, Gavin will be speaking, writing, and representing CBMW in his growing international ministry,” Strachan said. “By God’s grace, he will help push our work across the world to greater effectiveness and expanded opportunities.”

These expanded opportunities include a new CBMW chapter opening in South America in the fall of 2015. There are further plans to open chapters in the UK, Australia, China, and India. These international CBMW extensions will host events and offer resources to strengthen the complementarian presence around the world.

“Confusion and distortion regarding gender knows no borders,” said K. Erik Thoennes, the board chairman for CBMW. “A clear, biblically grounded voice is desperately needed internationally, and our hope is that CBMW can help.”

Read the CBMW Longform story about Peacock, written by Aaron Hanbury. Keep up with news and announcements about more exciting changes at and on Twitter: @cbmworg. You can find Gavin Peacock on Twitter at @GPeacock8.

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