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“It Is Finished”

January 22, 2015

It is finished

By Chelsea Vaughn

There is one phrase in the Bible that I forget all too often. It is the reason for repentance, the agent for freedom, and the hope for eternity. Jesus spoke these words, and he never used such compassion in three words as he did with these. They were spoken in pain, with care, and for glory. His breaking heart reverberated through the truth uttered in this phrase.

“It is finished.”

He spoke them to provide a way to confess and repent of our sin. The cross that Jesus hung on held him to carry our sin. My understanding of the pain that Jesus endured sends a wave of sickness through me. I remember suffering the pain of a paper cut, and wince at the thought of my weakness.  In this, I reflect on his strength to carry my sin. On that day, he defeated every sin that infects our daily lives. We struggle with a repetitious flow of insecurities, yet we have the assurance that they have been atoned for. Each fall enables a reason to ask for a hand to pick us up. Confession and repentance of our weakness invites the assurance of the cross. Even more, we have the promise that the penalty of our sin is paid for.

These words act as an agent for freedom. They shout acceptance for who we are in Christ, and perseverance to reach our end. With repentance, we are delivered from the weight of sin, but grace doesn’t end there. It thrusts us forward to the throne of God, to which we approach in worship. At the throne, we are humbled by the price of our life. Our humility is not defeating, but empowering. It leads our focus to the object of worship—the finished work of Jesus.

Past, present, and all of eternity are held together with this phrase—it is finished. Jesus paid in full our admission into an eternal relationship. The kingdom of heaven has been opened to welcome us, not as guests, but as children of God. He spoke the completion of debt, and he graciously set the offer on the table. Would we invest our hope into eternity?

There is a promise in the phrase that Jesus spoke. His promise gives reason for repentance; it’s an agent for freedom, and a hope for eternity. It is a promise that every sin we have committed or will commit has been paid in full by our Savior. The pain endured was deep, but worthy. The care invested was outrageous, but faithful. The glory shown was underestimated, but full in inconceivable power.

It is finished.


Chelsea is a student, freelance writer, and a director for a non- profit called Initiative. She attends Dallas Baptist University and is working towards a degree in Communication Theory with a minor in Psychology. She’s spent more of her life overseas than in her home country, and has a heart to see the world. Her utmost passion is watching Jesus work past the boundaries of culture. She would love to use her gift for writing to reach the nations, regardless of location.

You can read more of her writing on her Blog.

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