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Manhood & Theology: Recap

November 26, 2014


By Mathew B. Sims

This October and November we asked, “How should theology inform manhood?” Theology isn’t something to shy away from and it isn’t something only academics do. All of us do theology because all of us believe certain things about God, salvation, the gospel, etc., so what we believe matters. John Calvin says, “[T]he knowledge of God, presented to us in Scripture has the same end in view as that which is found in all created things. It should first prompt us to fear God, and then to trust in him, so that we may serve and honour him by innocence of life, by unfeigned obedience, and by utter reliance on his goodness” (Institutes of the Christian Religion. Banner of Truth. Edinburgh, 2014. p. 28).

As Calvin notes, what we believe matters because it affects the way we live. In discussing the shema (Deut. 6:4), Christopher J. H. Wright says, “How we behave depends on what or whom we worship — then as now. So for Israel, ethical behaviour was defined by the identity of this God, their God, Yahweh, ‘the LORD our God’, the Holy One of Israel” (Old Testament Ethics for the People of God. IVP Academic. Downers Grove, IL, 2011. p. 25). Therefore, not only is theology important for informing our living and ethic, but our living and ethic teaches our theology. This series is meant to encourage men to learn good theology to inform their living, but also to teach good theology through their living to their families, friends, churches, and cities.

  1. Manhood & Theology | Primer by Dr. Stephen Yuille
  2. Manhood & Theology | Work by Nick Abraham
  3. Manhood & Theology | Grace by Ethan A. Smith
  4. Manhood & Theology | Predestination by Jeff Medders
  5. Manhood & Theology | Exegesis by Joey Cochran
  6. Manhood & Theology | Mission by James K. Forbis Jr.
  7. Manhood & Theology | The Cross by John Coakley Jr.
  8. Manhood & Theology | Incarnation by Dr. Charles Barrett
  9. Manhood & Theology | Resurrection by Nick Batzig
  10. Manhood & Theology | Ascension by Mathew B. Sims
  11. Manhood & Theology | New Creation by Greg Gibson


Mathew Sims
Assistant Editor, Manual
Twitter: @GraceForSinners

Mathew is the author of A Household Gospel: Fulfilling the Great Commission in Our Homes and contributor in Make, Mature, Multiply (GCD Books). He’s the Managing Editor at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. He’s married to LeAnn and they have three daughters. They enjoy traveling, relaxing at the beach, and wandering in the woods. Mathew regularly blogs at Grace for Sinners and contributes to a number of other publications. The Sims are members at Downtown Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC.

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