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Topics: Womanhood, Women in Ministry

Why a Series on the Church

September 30, 2014


By Courtney Reissig

The topic of women in the church is often debated in our evangelical circles. Whenever people bring up the subject the inevitable questions quickly arise:

What can women do?

What can’t women do?

Should women teach men?

Should women teach teenage boys?

Should women have a voice in decision making?

And so the questions go.

We want to approach the subject of women in the church from a different angle. So, over the next month we will be exploring the topic of women and the church. We aren’t trying to rehash old arguments here. Many gifted thinkers have spoken clearly over the years and we will let them speak to those things. What we are hoping to do with this series is encourage women to love their church. We want to see women flourish in their local congregations. It’s true, for every believer there are limits in how we serve the body, but there is also much freedom and diversity.

Over the years, we have seen women discouraged when considering their gifts. Perhaps you see your gift as inconsequential to the body. We hope you will see that your gift has value in God’s kingdom, sister. Perhaps you see your gift as necessary, but are not sure how to use it. We hope you will feel free to exercise the gift you have been given, as well. In our flesh, we are prone to elevate gifts over others, but God never does that. He has given us all a role to play.

Every believer has been given a gift—a gift possessing a divine purpose for the good of God’s people. This means you, sister. We hope that at the conclusion of this series, you will be encouraged to discover the unique way God has gifted you and in turn use that gift to serve your church. We all have something to offer. Using the beautiful body imagery of 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, some of us are hands, some of us are mouths, some of us are hearts, and some of us are feet. All are necessary for the proper function of the body.

We hope you will join us as we look at women in the church over the next month. Women are needed in God’s economy. He made us in his image and gave us all jobs to do for his glory. May we see that clearly as we hear from women in the church.

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