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Topics: 1 Timothy 2, Complementarianism, Genesis 1–3, Titus 2

50 Crucial Questions

September 4, 2014
By John Piper and Wayne Grudem


50-crucial-questions-about-manhood-and-womanhoodDownload free pdf.

Lengthy volumes have been written on the issue of complementarianism, including our own Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. But most people do not have time to read several books on each of the pressing issues of modern life. Often what we need is a concise answer to particular questions. This is what this booklet is meant to give, by giving helpful answers to practical concerns and focusing especially on how men and women relate in the home and in the church. In doing so, it affirms the complementary differences between men and women and spells out the implications of those differences for the way men and women relate to each other in the most fulfilling way.

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