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Second Shift RECAP

July 29, 2014



By Greg Gibson


Over the month of July, we have posted several articles here at Manual in a series called, “Second Shift.”  One of the hardest things—I think—in which for men to excel at as gospel-centered warriors, is coming home from work at 5pm-ish and being emotionally, spiritually, and physically present as husbands and dads.  I talk with grown men often who struggle to engage their families during this time—what we have coined as the Second Shift, or hours after the normal 9-5pm grind.

We have hoped, through this series, to provide men with a few encouraging resources that might help prepare us to go home and lead well during this time.  After all, this is the most important part of the day.

I hope this series encourages you, exalts King Jesus, and makes Satan tremble with fear.

Here are the articles posted in order:

  1. Preparing Yourself for the Most Important Shift // By Greg Gibson
  2. Balancing the Most Important Shift // By David Sons
  3. Being the Spiritual Leader During the Most Important Shift // By Joey Cochran
  4. Embracing Community in Your Second Shift // By Whitney Clayton
  5. Loving Your Neighbor During the Most Important Shift // By Raymond Johnson
  6. How to Fight For Your Family During Transition and Change // By Tim Sweetmen


ABOUT GREG:  Greg serves as an elder and family ministries pastor at Foothills Church and as the assistant editor of Manual for CBMW.  He and his lovely wife, Grace, live in Knoxville, TN with their 2 children–Cora and Iver.

TWITTER: @gregrgibson



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