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2014 CBMW National Conference Media

April 29, 2014

Male and female trekker, mountains and clouds, Everest Region, Nepal.By Owen Strachan

We recently held our first CBMW National Conference in conjunction with the 2014 Together for the Gospel conference. We wanted to present an event that would be gospel-focused, positive, and exciting.

These were our starting points, but we honestly didn’t know what to expect. We thought that we might have 500 people. Then people started signing up, and kept signing up. So we went back to the book publishers that were among our event sponsors and asked them to greatly increase the amount of books that they were giving, and they did. Then even more people signed up, so we went back to the publishers one more time, and they were gracious to give even more books. Finally the day of the conference came, and God brought close to 1,500 people. We sold every single seat and then several dozen “standing room only” seats. Wow!

We decided that we would feature an unusual format for these talks. They would be short, sharp, and “TED”-like, long enough to argue a point, but short enough to progress through an extremely gifted platform of speakers in a short amount of time. We hope these videos will not only enrich your life, but that you share them with many others as well (feel free to host 1-2 on your site and direct folks to this page for the full treasure trove). Thanks again for your interest.

Please note, by the way, that we are able to make this content available for free thanks to the generous gift of complementarian churches, organizations, and individuals. We would love your support of our ongoing work to provide gospel-driven resources to God’s people.

Also: keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming eBook we at CBMW are doing with the good folks at Desiring God Ministries. We’re really, really excited about this project!

Dr. Ligon Duncan | Where Complementarianism Has Been

Dr. Russell Moore | How the Gospel of Jesus Christ Creates True Flourishing

Kevin DeYoung | The Beauty of Differences — On Heaven and On Earth

Eric Mason | Renewing Men: The Gospel Call

Dr. John Piper | Renewing Women: The Gospel Call

Dr. Danny Akin | Men and Missions: The Missing Link

Dr. Albert Mohler | Sound Words on Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Public Square

Dr. David Platt | Radically Single: Authentic Christianity as Men and Women

CBMW Women’s Panel

Dr. Owen Strachan | Where CBMW and Complementarianism are Going

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