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The Leading Edge – Week of April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014



The Leading Edge is our weekly look-over-our-shoulder at what we’re reading around this Internet thing.  Want to participate?  Send us what you’re reading by tweeting it to us – @CBMWEdge.  You should follow us too.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait.  Done?  Good, now onto the Edge.

God, the Gospel, and the Gay Christian – Mohler being Albert Mohler to the benefit of the American church and beyond.  This is his chapter to the longer ebook released last week.  Owen Strachan had a chapter too, which you can read here.

But, What About Gluttony? – Ever heard the complaint that Christians are absolutely fixated – to the point of distraction – about homosexuality?  Ever told that’s all Christians care to talk about?  Ever been told that, because you talk about homosexuality so much it must mean you’re a closeted homosexual yourself?  I can answer, “Yes” to all three.  Kevin DeYoung provides a helpful answer to guide your thinking.

If a Student Says Homosexuality is a Sin in School, Is it Bullying? – A good evaluation of this issue by The Atlantic.

Legislative Bullying – Along those same lines: “But what if the anti-bullying project is hijacked by zealous special-interest groups with little concern for protecting kids who are overweight, shy, or viewed as nerds—the traditional victims of bullying? What if state policy-makers use anti-bullying programs to pry open the doors of religious schools and compel them to teach ideas directly at odds with the tenets of their faith? This is the scenario now unfolding in Minnesota, where a high-profile anti-bullying campaign signals what is on the horizon for schools elsewhere.”

Should Christians Use the Term, ‘Gay Christian?’ – Owen Strachan again.  Spoiler: Nope.

Married Lesbian Threesome Expecting Their First Baby – Seriously.  That’s the headline – and not from a supermarket tabloid.  It’s a serious story and you should give serious thought to how you would respond to it based upon your worldview.

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