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Irreplaceable Family, Film Debut

April 25, 2014

by Candice Watters

On Tuesday, May 6, Focus on the Family is launching a special one-night-only theatrical release of the documentary called Irreplaceable. Following the movie event, Focus will release a related video curriculum called The Family Project, followed in August by a book of the same name.

As we blogged about earlier, we’re excited about this film and Focus’s efforts to encourage and equip families to thrive. The film “follows one man’s journey to see if family still matters.” The man is Tim Sisarich, executive director of Focus on the Family New Zealand. Irreplaceable, says Focus, will answer the questions “What is family?” and “If family fails, does society fail, too?”

Leon Wirth, a close friend, and contributor to the film project says,

This project was a major “labor of love” for several years of my life, and I truly believe in the messages conveyed. It is my hope that these resources will change hearts and minds about the meaning and importance of Family from a Christian theology and worldview, demonstrate the hope of redemption that God offers to and through families, and reveal how Family uniquely helps us to understand God better.

Irreplaceable is far more about what we are FOR than what we are AGAINST from a Christian perspective. And it is far more about the WHY of family than the HOW of doing family better (there are lots of great resources out there already for that).

Why not get together with friends and head to the movies on Tuesday, May 6. Remember, this is a one-night only screening. We’ll be there! For information about where Irreplaceable is playing near you, as well as to order tickets, go here.


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